Top 5 best fishing games for Android in 2018

Top 5 best fishing games for Android in 2018
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Humans have been fishing as long as we’ve existed. We do it for sport, for recreation, and many still do it for food. In this day and age, not everyone has the time to pack up their gear and head out to the nearest lake or river. The good news is that those people still have some options if they want to catch some fish, although we admit it’ll never be as good as the real thing. Here are the top 5 best fishing games on Android!

fishing games for Android


3DCARP is one of the few pay-once fishing games. It features eight lakes and four rivers where you can catch up to 28 different varieties of fish. There are a ton of minor details that set this game apart from its peers. Certain fish will jump out of the water once hooked, you can use bait boats, and even climb trees to help you find more fish. It’s not the most popular fishing game out there. However, it seems like one of the most solid fishing games available right now. Just make sure you try it out before the refund period ends.

2. Ace Fishing

Ace Fishing is one of the most popular fishing games out there. The features for this one include the ability to customize your fishing tackle, travel to a variety of places, catch a variety of fish, and more. There is also a global leaderboard to see how your catches compare to the world. Catching a fish isn’t particularly difficult, but the mechanics are fun. There are even a couple of basic fishing tactics required to catch fish. It is a freemium game. That is by far the worst thing about it.

3. Fishing Break

Fishing Break is a simpler fishing game. In this one, players will be catching hundreds of different fish from eight different locations. You’ll also have achievements to earn, leaderboards to climb, and quick, but challenging game play. The graphics are simple, but that’s okay. In fact, realism might actually make this game worse. It’s the kind of game you play while waiting in line at the store or for commercials to end. As long as you don’t mind that, it’s a fun game.

4. Fishing Diary

Fishing Diary is old but it’s still one of the better fishing games available. The developers have kept the game relatively updated. The premise is simple. You have a cannon and fishing tackle. Your job is to get as many fish as possible. The game also has power ups to make the catching easier. You’ll be able to shock fish and throw bombs to catch them. It’s an odd style, but the mechanics are solid. It’s a freemium casual game. Thus, it’s really only good for short play periods.

5. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook is one of those fishing games that tries to focus on realism. It’s a fairly basic game at its core. You’ll spend most of your time out on a virtual boat with your line in the water. The mechanics are a little weird. They aren’t overly difficult, though. The game also features challenge fish, achievements, rankings, and support for up to 16 languages. It has some unusual bugs regarding permissions and the Galaxy Note 5. However, for most, it should be a positive experience.

Top 5 best fishing games for Android in 2018
5 (100%) 1 vote

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