Guide ace fishing wild catch 2018 APK

Guide ace fishing wild catch 2018 APK
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Be a better and best player on a game, just follow all guide on this Guide Ace Fishing Wild Catch 2018.

About Ace Fishing Wild Catch

Plunge into the turquoise sea and experience the adventures of the ultimate 3D fishing game!
I do not know anything about fishing. But that’s not a problem! At your fingertips, you will be able to snorkel the Giant!
Download the Ace Fishing game now and join in the world and follow the legendary fishing place of the world!

Ace Fishing Wild Catch

1. Fishing is easier than banana peeling.

  • Fishing at your fingertips only!
  • Who said that fishing is boring, wait 3 seconds only, you will manage your heart fully!
  • Play the training mode to finish before practicing in the practice room to iron out the skills that have come to the end and get rewarded!

2. 3D Graphic Elements for Elephants

  • Go with the fish that will penetrate the screen out to you!
  • A system that simulates real gestures and fishing so you can feel it through your fingertips!

3. Nothing more realistic than this!

  • You can customize fishing rods and hooks of many sizes and many features on your own!
  • Pull the towel to rub it to the side!
  • The movement and appearance of the fish made beautifully impeccable!
  • Easy to force that everyone can enjoy. With the most realistic fishing game in the mobile gaming universe right now!

4. Go around the world

  • From Hana Uma to the Amazon River. And China! Prom is not going to stop you anymore!
  • Hundreds of local fish that are different places! Travel all over the world to fall for it all!

5. world ranking

  • The biggest fish and break record! Win the nominees from all over the world for an eye-catching fishing tournament that will be held for an hour!
  • Prepare your fishing bait for the fish you are hoping to get through the system to create your own bait to boost your rank!
  • Your stats will be automatically saved every time you fish. You will know how much to destroy it!

6. yet! The fun is not over yet!

  • Install the decor on your fishing rod to power it! They also use pearl powder to enhance their decorative effect!
  • Use it! Modified mode will maximize your status. How easy are you to fish in your dreams?

7. Siwon! This is a secret!

The ranking in the league for the show will be followed shortly!

Guide ace fishing wild catch 2018 APK
5 (100%) 1 vote

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