Fishing Break Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Get More Fish & Unlock Everything

Fishing Break Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Get More Fish & Unlock Everything
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Fishing Break is an amazing new fishing game released this week on the App Store to pair up with another fishing-themed title released yesterday, Fisherman Fisher. This one’s a bit different though and you actually get to do some fishing – or a lot of fishing actually, compete in tournaments, collect fish, unlock new characters and more. It’s extremely addictive and I am sure you want to get the most out of it, so in order to help you I am here with some Fishing Break cheats and tips for the great iOS game.

Fishing Break

So in case you want to find out how to get more and bigger fish, how to unlock and upgrade anything and how to generally do better in the game, read on for our Fishing Break game tips and cheats!

1. Always return with a fish

When you cast your line, make sure that you always capture a fish – even if it’s a small one. Don’t rush to reel in and wait for the fish to bite, otherwise you are wasting bait which is extremely high priced. So if 10 bait costs you 1,000 coins, then you should capture 10 fish with them, each worth 100+. This will not happen, but you will reduce losses if you get some 50+ fish instead of nothing. So always return with a fish!

2. Don’t rush into a new area

Usually, as soon as you unlock a new area, your line is too weak in order to capture the larger fish there and you won’t make your bait money back, even though will have some free bait to start with. It’s best to always spend some more time in the lake you already were, capture more fish, maybe complete more collections and achievements and make more money to invest in upgrading your rod. Patience is vital when fishing – both online and offline.

3. Double your rewards

You are making passive money as well in Fishing Break, which is extremely useful. The best part is that you can double the money earned by watching an ad – and you should do that every time you log in after a longer break and you have a ton of earnings. It’s difficult to get a lot of money in the game, so every bit helps.

4. How to make more money

I will have an article dedicated to this, but the rules to make more money, put short, are: watch ads to double earnings, both from fish and museum revenue, make sure that you always fish in the best lake (where you can get all fish without a problem and you never risk losing the bait), tanking high in tournaments and fishing in the first or lower lakes in order to make more money. Even tough it seems slow at first, as you unlock museums later on and complete each lake’s missions, you will do really well!

5. How to upgrade your gear

The most important thing you have to consider when it comes to Gear Upgrades is your “Attack”. The more you have, the larger fish you can capture – and that’s all that matters. So always focus on upgrading your attack when you have the time. Everything else is just an extra and you should not invest too much there early on: Reel Speed is good because it’s easier and faster to capture the fish, but it’s really expensive especially early on, so work on the Attack instead. The Length and Cast distance don’t make a huge difference as you will get very good fish for a long while with the basic setups. So focus on increasing your Attack ASAP and then work slowly on the others, while constantly upgrading the attack.

6. How to catch the fish

After casting the line, I usually wait for it to drop as much as possible and simply by doing that, some fish will bite. If they don’t, I will swipe left or right: this reels in just a bit, and keeps the bait out in the distance, giving you access to more fish. Then start to slowly reel in, until one fish bites. Once they do, you should start tapping the screen in order to reel them in: always tap instead of holding your finger on the screen because if you hold it, you don’t have as much control when larger fish bite and the line will most likely break. Keep tapping until the fish starts to fight (the line goes into the red and the fish has a light around it), when you should let it go crazy. As soon as they stop, start tapping again and eventually you will bring them in. One important thing to note is that at the moment of writing this, when a fish is out of the water, the line will never break: so use that for your own advantage when they jump out of the water!

These would be for now our Fishing Break tips and cheats and I can only hope they are helpful. If you have more to share with us, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Fishing Break Cheats: Tips & Strategy to Get More Fish & Unlock Everything
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